Reading Pillows - Great Gifts For Readers Of All Ages

Reading Pillows - Great Gifts For Readers Of All Ages

Apr 20 , 2021

Carol Sparrow

Buying thoughtful gifts can be SO difficult but let me introduce you to the reading pillow ... the perfect gift for readers and present for bookworms of all ages.

Reading Pillows - What Are They?

I prefer to call them reading cushions others call them book pillows or pocket pillows but they're more commonly known as reading pillows. Basically they are decorated and often themed cushions which have a large pocket at the front which is designed to slot a book into. It then sits on that favourite reading chair or by the side of or on the bed so you're ready to pick the book up and get yourself comfortable whenever you want.

Reading Pillows - Gift Ideas For Readers and Bookworms

Think about it ... most people read and everyone has books in the house so a reading pillow could make a great gift for anyone. Let's go through the ages and you'll see what I mean!

Reading Pillows For Expectant Mums

Even before a baby is born a reading pillow could make a perfect gift for an expectant mother. A baby-shower gift, themed to fit and with a new mother book or a book of baby names slotted in maybe?

Reading Cushions For Babies And Toddlers

Theme it up in the colours of the bedroom and sit it by the cot with a favourite pop-up book or board book to keep your baby amused whenever you need or want.

Reading Pillows For Children

The sky's the limit with this one! Theme the reading cushions with whatever the child is into at the time. Unicorns, fairies, tractors, cars, monsters, football, superheroes, animals, birds, space, dolls, teddy bears ... the list goes on and on. The reading pillow can be themed with anything you want in colours to suit also. To make it even more special as a gift simply present it with a book already slotted in.

Reading Pillows For Adults

Again, theme the reading pillow with a favourite pastime or hobby - this could include reading if you're giving to someone who loves to read. Maybe consider adding a verse or a few words to make it even more relevant and special. 

If it's for a reader or bookworm the verse could be something like "so many books, so little time".

For mothers and grandmothers it could be some words to show how much they're appreciated.

They can also easily be themed for other relatives and friends. And they're not just for girls - a golf, fishing, football or gardening theme with a relevant book for dad or uncle, an educational (or party) theme for students going off to university.

Book Pillows From SewnByCarol

We hope we've demonstrated what a great gift a reading pillow could make but why buy from me?

We're a small UK cottage industry and pride ourselves on quality and customer service.

What you're buying is a completely unique, one off gift. Every single one is made by hand from different fabric, different colours and each book pocket is hand embroidered (well ... a machine may help a little!) with my own designs, verses from different coloured threads.

They will arrive stuffed with a removable 16" cushion pad which conforms to all fire regs and is generously stuffed with a polyester padding so it's complete and ready to gift. We don't include a book but you can add one or gift it as it is.

If we've convinced you then take a look at our collection of reading pillows and see if there's anything you fancy. If not or if you have something specific in mind let me know and I'll see what we can do.

If you'd like us to send directly to your recipient I can do so - we'll even add a hand written gift card at no additional cost.

Thank you for your visit today - we hope we've inspired you.