The Benefits Of Reading Books

The Benefits Of Reading Books

Aug 28 , 2021

Carol Sparrow

“I don’t like reading!” How many times have we heard that statement from both kids and adults alike?

What they don’t know is just how much they are missing out on the amazing things that reading books can give.

Here are what I think to be the some of the main benefits of reading books:

Reading improves the quality of your sleep

Ah ... the traditional book at bedtime! According to studies, many teenagers and adults are sleep deprived. Mainly due to excessive hours of tv watching, gaming and smartphones. The blue light from gadgets has altered people’s sleeping habits.

Doctors recommend reading to combat irregular sleeping patterns. Reading printed copies of the book or magazine is suggested over the digital format.

Try it ... turn off your phone and read a book for a while before you turn off your bedside lamp and see how much better you'll sleep and feel.

Reading books reduces stress

We live in a bad news society. We seemed to be consumed by news feeds on all media. Wars, killing, famine, disasters we end up absorbing all this negativity thus adding more pressure to already stressful lives.

Try a digital media detox. Emerse yourself into a feel good book instead of dlicking through the news channels or checking social media feeds. 

In particular, reading a fiction book provides an escape from the real world. Often, it’s the much-needed relief and after each reading session, you'll feel yourself to be in a calmer, more relaxed state of mind.

Reading can help strengthen mental health

We hear lots abot mental health right now. Lots of us are obsessed with social media, online games, and videos. Suffice to say, it has made more people lonely and empty. Their world revolves around virtual reality. Neglecting what is happening in the “actual world”. In fact, 5% of adults and 10% of youth, aged 16 to 24 years old, non-readers have admitted to feeling lonely.

To connect more to reality, engaging in offline activities is a MUST. Reading books is one that draws you into getting in touch with your emotions and the world around you. When you read books, you relate to the writer’s or the character’s journey. Readers realize that they are not alone. Someone out there walked through the same path. As such, it heightens their ability to cope with various situations. They are inspired to keep moving forward, thus, increasing their self-esteem.

Still want your social media? Try engaging with others reading similar books to you by joining up with one of the many social media book clubs and enjoy the positive interaction with others like you.

Reading increases your ability to empathize

Reading fiction books allows readers to be transported to a different world. In this realm, they imagine themselves to be one of the characters in the story. Seeing things from a different perspective and feeling the emotions that aren’t necessarily theirs.

The experience gives you the opportunity to reach out within yourself, reflect, and deepen your self-awareness. Also, it develops an ability to put yourself in other’s shoes. Making you more understanding of other people's viewpoints. Do take note that this will only happen with continuous practice and not one-time reading.

Reading builds vocabulary

Reading is a sure fire way to develop the cognitive ability of kids. It's an ability needed to progress in life. The declining number of children who have literacy proficiency is alarming. The lack of this skill can put them at a disadvantage in comprehension and sound decision-making.

Reading increases one’s vocabulary. If you read more you learn more words and gain in knowledge on all sorts of topics. This is how prolific readers become more expressive of their thoughts and emotions. A “soft skills” that companies look for in hiring their employees. As such reading helps open doors to opportunities in society and the corporate world.

Reading strengthens the brain

The body needs to engage in physical activities to stay fit and healthy. For brain development, you need to engage in brain-stimulating mental activities. This includes reading books and magazines.

Research shows that children who read more get better scores in academic subjects as they get older. Reading is a mental workout where signals are sent to stimulate the brain. The more exposed you are to these stimuli, the more sensitive you become to your environment.

Keep reading!

Read more to be more and learn more - and encourage others to do the same. Continuous learning will open doors to more opportunities leading to a better quality of life.

Plus ... it's fun!

Buy books - give books

Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, special occasions ... give a book. You can make the book specific to the recipient and even personailse it with a hand written message in the front - or even get it signed by the author.

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