Unique Christmas Gifts For Book Lovers Of All Ages

Unique Christmas Gifts For Book Lovers Of All Ages

Nov 13 , 2021

Carol Sparrow

As we get nearer to yet another Christmas I wanted to draw attention to exactly how amazing these book cushions are as Christmas gifts for book lovers and readers of all ages.

First of all I feature so many different designs and colours - cats, dogs, animals, cars or just appropriate or amusing words so there's something suitable for children and adults whatever their interests. This year I've added a range of specific Christmas designs too - check them out HERE >

Then there's the fact that they're suitable for anyone at any age. I have reading cushions for babies and early readers, teenagers and adults of all ages. You need never struggle for Christmas present inspiration again!

You can then make gifting a book cushion at Christmas even more special by slotting in a relevant book of your choice into the pocket. Consider writing a message inside the cover too!

Don't forget also - these reading cushions are hand made by my in my Midlands studio and hence each one is completely unique ... I make no two exactly the same. So you're giving a book related christmas present that's one of a kind. No one else will have one, each one completely unique.

There's alot of work that goes into making each book cushion. I only use quality materials and hand techniques. I confess to buying in the cushion pads themselves but I source good quality from th eUK. In spite of this I am able to these cushions for just £23 each which I hope you agree is great value for such a gift.

I know, I'm no Amazon or major brand of shop - I'm a small UK cottage industry if you like. That said, you can rest assured that buying from me is completely safe and secure. You can expect top quality, personal service, fast delivery and your transaction is all handled through one of the biggest and most major financial organisations in the country meaning that I don't see or collect any of your private financial information at all. All transaction are therefore completely secure.

Whilst not everyone may be an avid reader everyone enjoys a book - whether it be fiction, biographical, amusing, educational, travel or hobby related I don't know a single person who doesn't posess a book of some description. So, instead of buying a book (or as well as) think about buying a Christmas book cushion to present it in!

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